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Londrigan Beef and Lamb. Home To Premium HGP Free Beef.

Welcome to Londrigan Beef and Lamb Melbourne Meat Sales

It's clean, green, stress free absolute premium beef and lamb.
that's the promise from Londrigan Beef & Lamb.

Londrigan Beef & Lamb sells direct from the farm through our online butcher shop. We deliver our meat to Melbourne and most parts of Victoria. Our meat is HGP Free, grass fed, using ethical farming practices, processed locally and in small batches. This ensures the highest possible quality of the end product with low food miles so you can be sure your eating clean green meat thats good for you and our environment.

Londrigan Beef & Lamb runs the famed Blonde d'Aquitaine cattle, renowned for their tender high quality end product. You can buy our restaurant quality prime beef through our online butcher shop and exclusive retail outlet in Wangaratta.

Old Kentucky Blondes provides the bulk of the premium quality prime meat we sell online through Londrigan Beef and Lamb. If needed we occassionaly source meat from other local quality breeders. We sell bulk prime quality meats at wholesale prices direct from the farm to your kitchen.

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